digital platform for the forestry industry


цифровая платформа
для лесной промышленности
Measuring the volume and dimensions of wood using segmentation and a neural network

Determining the grade of wood in a timber truck using a neural network

Checking the legality of the origin of wood by growth rings

Calculation of wood indicators from one photo

Fixes the place and time of wood measurement


Control of timber harvesting and verification of the legality of its origin


A digital tool for all participants in the forest industry


Reduce manual wood measurement errors and fraud


Online reports and analytics in the form of dashboards

NeuroWood indicators

Accuracy of timber calculation in a timber truck
The accuracy of determining the grade of wood

Our team

Media about the project

Media about the project

The mission of NeuroWood is the digitalization of the forest industry. Let's create the future together.

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